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I love collecting magazine clippings and anything print that looks good, to me its like a piece of treasure because I know the amount of love-labor that goes into design, especially passionate design! Anyways, so in addition to his unconventional covers, nothing tops the way he laid out the pages, just beautiful.

Here are some quotes that articulate this so well.

"…with an affinity for white space & sharp type on clear open pages, he re-thought the approach to editorial design.

He sought a musical feeling in the flow of text and pictures. The rhythmic environment of open space and balancing text was energized by the art of the photography he commissioned from major European artists…”

"It was a pleasure to watch him work. He was so swift and sure. In emergencies, …his speed was dazzling. A quick splash or two on the cutting board, a minute’s juggling of the photostats, a slather of art gum, and the sixteen pages were complete. His layouts, of course, were the despair of copywriters whose cherished tone poems on girdles or minks had to be sacrificed to his sacred white space. Just before we went to press, all the layouts were laid out in sequence on Carmel Snow’s floor, and there, under his eye, re-arranged until the rhythm of the magazine suited him."

"Typically, Brodovitch would begin his layouts by designing the layouts as illustrations by hand. His assistant would receive these sketches to look over, but the photographers and freelance writers were often given little or no direction at all besides to come up with something new and unusual… From these, each spread would be made one at a time, then arranged among the others to create a well-paced magazine.His style for the magazine was radically different than any of its contemporaries. Brodovitch wanted his spreads to be innovative and fresh."

Text: Wikipedia & Megg’s History of graphic Design.

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